Fall Newspaper 2017


Finney school did a fundraiser in October called “Socktober”. Socktober is an event where students donate any- sized socks. The reason why is so homeless people can have socks, protection for their feet and the don’t need to be barefoot all the time.

In the first place, donating socks to the homeless can give them extra attire. According to the info I have these socks that are given to them may help their feet and keep them from getting cold. What this means is, they will feel a lot warmer having socks. For example, the toes get pretty cold sometimes. To elaborate, the bottom of the feet can get the coldest because they are always used for support the most so they are exposed to the cold while being on the ground.

In addition, donating socks to them can protect their feet. According to more of my research walking over soil barefoot contracts disease’s easier. To expand on this, because their barefoot viruses hiding in the dirt can be absorbed through the feet. For example, especially since there could be little cuts on the feet it can become a huge problem. To expand, when they step on a virus it can go into the feet and into the body.

Furthermore, giving  socks makes sure people don’t need to be barefoot all the time.  To elaborate, if it’s really cold your feet could get frostbite because the blood in your feet freeze causing it to clog.

This is why our school does Sockctober. So, the homeless can have socks, they are protected better and they don’t always need to be barefoot.

By: Ashleigh Smith





6th grade camp

By: Mark Thomas Tomlinson

The things I remember liking in camp were canoeing, archery and the food. The food is delicious putting Finney Elementary food to shame. In canoeing you and two other people are in a group and are assigned a canoe. The class was expected to search for a frisbee the instructor through at you.

Archery was shooting an arrow at a torn-up target like this:


Anyways even though I couldn’t shoot an arrow correctly, I still had fun. So that was sixth grade camp for me. There was more stuff like rock climbing a fake building and more.




Gaga Ball

By: Clarisse Valles

Gaga ball was invented 30 years ago, by Israeli camp counselors and it has become very popular throughout the years, especially in schools and camps. It’s also called Octoball, Israeli dodgeball and Panda ball. In Hebrew it means touch-touch.

As many other games and sports, Gaga ball has rules you have to follow in order to play. You have to hold on the edge of the pen or at least touch it then you all have to say ” Gaga ball! ”, you have to let the ball bounce twice and then you can start playing. You have to try and get your opponent’s out until there are only two people left. Then the players start a countdown if one person gets the other player out they win but if no one got the other player out then everyone gets back in and they start a new game.

You play gaga ball by trying to hit other players from the waist and below, if you hit them in this area the person you hit is out, however if you hit the person from above the waist you are out. If you hit someone in the head that is a headshot and you are automatically out. If the ball goes out of the area you are in, you are out and then all the players hold on to the edge of the pen and say ” Gaga ball! ” and the kids start to play again. As you can see, Gaga ball is a fun game to play and recently is getting more and more popular.

Not all schools have pens to play Gaga ball, we are very lucky to have one at Finney, so get all your friends and lets: Gaga ball!






Red Ribbon Week

Red ribbon week is the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention awareness campaign; a lot of people celebrate it. Red ribbon week is celebrated on October 23-31. The thing we do on red ribbon week is fun. On Monday we wear red, on Tuesday we make our hair crazy, on Wednesday its mix match day, on Thursday it U.S.A day, and finally on Friday it is wear your costume day. The meaning of this event is to say “no” to drugs. Red ribbon week started after the death of a drug enforcement administration special agent Enrique “kiki” Camarena.The ribbon is red because a kid in high school made a club called “Camarena clubs” and wearing a red ribbon shows their oppositions to drugs.

As you can see, this is why we celebrate red ribbon week and the history of it. Remember say “NO!” to drugs they are bad for you.

By: Ashley Mestres





Fall Activities

By: Alexia Chamol

Hello this is Alexia Chamol reporting on the fall festivities the two-fall themed celebrations our school had was the Finney costume Halloween parade and the Finney fall festival.

The first fall celebration we had was our Halloween parade and we had so many different costumes, some costumes I saw were trolls showcased by our Finney preschoolers,

I myself was a unicorn. We had our 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 6th graders parade and danced to the cha cha slide it was so much fun!

Our second fall celebration was the fall festival where we had games like mini golf and pie face with our 5th grade teachers. We also had food and drinks like hotdogs and homemade carrot cake.

Thank you for taking your time to read and enjoy this article make sure to read and enjoy all of the comics and articles too!







Finley Funnies

Socktober:  By: Ashleigh Smith

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Sixth Grade Camp Adventures By : Mark Tomlinson

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Gaga ball: Not Just for Lady Gaga By: Clarisse Valles

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Red Ribbon Week By: Ashley Maestros

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Costume Parade: By Alexia Chamol

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September 2017

Finney Welcomes Its New 2017-2018 Student Council

By Navayah Smith

Student Council elections were recently held at Finney School. Nyrelli Alfaro was voted in as Treasurer, Isela Morales as Secretary, Antonio Martinez and Desiree Greak as Co-Vice Presidents and Diego Amador as President.

Nyrelli Alfaro is a 4th grader in Ms. Betts class. She likes soccer, cheer, and drawing. She hopes to be the best treasurer Finney has ever had. Now let’s move on to Isela Morales. She is in Ms. Pot’s class. She hopes to have different, fun spirit days this year. We had our first tie ever in Finney history for Vice President! Desiree Greak, who is a 5th grader in Ms. Gomez’s class hopes to do more fundraisers. Antonio Martinez, who is also in Ms. Gomez’s class hopes to, bring back the Fall Festival. Diego Amador, who is in the 6th grade in Mr. Ramirez’s class hopes to show Finney pride by doing movie nights. All in all, our new Student Council is excited to be representing the students at Finney. They are looking forward to an excellent year of learning and fun!


Nyrelli Alfaro, Antonio Martinez, Diego Amador, Desiree Greak, and Isela Martinez


The OPUS Project

By: Alexia Chamol

OPUS, a new afterschool music program at Finney, held a concert on September 13th. During the Fall Concert, ginger beer, Mochi, hot dogs and more were sold to fundraise for more musical instruments at Finney. At the concert, there was also an OPUS performance.

According to Mrs.Pridmore, OPUS is a program where students get to sing and play cool instruments. There are several students in the program from our school, but more than 100 all around schools in San Diego. Students played percussion instruments, string instruments and wind instruments. Students from Finney showcased lessons they were learning during music class.


OPUS students performed for the Finney Community.


Interview Corner with Dr. Beverly Prange

By Ashleigh Smith

As you know, we have a new principal. Here is some information to help the Finney community to learn more about her, such as what she likes and what she plans to do at Finney.

Ashleigh: What is your favorite color?

Dr. Prange: My favorite color is teal. (a kind of blue- green)

Ashleigh: What are your favorite animals?

Dr. Prange: My favorite animals are dolphins and dogs.

Ashleigh: What excites you the most about being the new principal at Finney?

Dr. Prange: I’m most excited about getting to know all of the students.

Ashleigh: Is there any new events you are planning to add?

Dr. Prange: Yes there is, after we assemble the P.T.A.

Ashleigh: What are you going to enjoy most about being at Finney?

Dr. Prange: What I’m going to enjoy most about bring at Finney is, watching all of the students grow.


Dr. Beverly Prange and Ashleigh Smith.

Book Review of Wayside School Series

By: Mark Tomlinson

Wayside Stories of Wayside School are great books that kids enjoy reading. The story, without spoilers, is that the school was supposed to be a 1 story tall building, with 30 classrooms, but the builder “accidentally”, built it thirty stories tall with one classroom on each floor. The 27 main characters (students) are in Mrs. Jules class on the top floor and they go on wacky adventures in the school. For example, during conferences, the students get to grade the teachers. Hope you enjoy and grab this book from the library!



What is New At Finney Elementary?

By Clarisse Valles

“There are more changes I will make to Finney”, states our new Principal, Dr. Prange. She is new to Finney and is making exciting new changes. Most kids have seen that Dr. Prange is making many changes such as Star-students/classrooms, announcements outside on Monday, Joke of the week, bubble parties and music two days a week, but you may think, how is this helping the school?

According to Dr. Prange “These changes are helping kids focus on the Finney values and helping us build a strong community”.

Screen shot 2017-09-18 at 11.36.48 AM

Clarisse Valles and Dr. Prange

Students also have thoughts on these changes, a 5th grade student states “I think these changes are good because kids get to try new things and get a break from a regular day.”

As you can see students, teachers and parents have noticed great changes in the school since Dr. Prange started working at Finney and we hope to see many more.

2017 Solar Eclipse By Ashley Mestres


On August 21 2017 the solar eclipse was held. A solar eclipse is dangerous to view. The solar eclipse path was from Oregon to South Carolina. In some places there was a total black out of the sun. Last time there was a total eclipse was in February 29 1979. This was considered a lifetime event.

Special glasses were needed to view the solar eclipse. If you did not use the special glasses you could go blind. Many people view the eclipse with special glasses because it a one in a lifetime thing. The moon completely covered the sun for 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

The next eclipse will be in 2024 and I hope I will be able to see it and I will make sure to use special glasses.

The Finney Funnies

The Amazing Opus by Alexia Chamol


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Wayside is Way Cool by Mark Tomlinson

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Dr. Prange: Always On the Go!! by Ashleigh Smith

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Finney’s Finest Newspaper Staff by Navayah Smith

Screen shot 2017-09-19 at 12.26.08 PM

Don’t Look Directly At It! by Ashley Mestres

Screen shot 2017-09-19 at 12.29.07 PM

Change is Good! by Clarisse Valles


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